I look forward to using this page as an outlet (and hopefully a forum) to discuss baseball strategy & tactics. While some situations may be pulled from major league baseball games as real life examples that many of us will relate to, the majority of strategy will apply to amateur & scholastic levels.

A lot can be learned from watching major league baseball. However, the consistent high skill level of the players takes many of the most interesting baseball plays 'out of play.' Take a 1st and 3rd situation as an example. You rarely see many creative plays in MLB because catchers have rockets for arms and so do the middle infielders. This situation is much more interesting to discuss in the context of amateur baseball, and the same logic applies to many other scenarios.

I invite coaches, players, and fans of the game to participate in this discussion. It will be fun, and will hopefully lead to better decisions on the diamond.

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Shefty said...

Thanks for putting this together #22... Looking forward to future updates!