I Saw The Sign

There are three important things when you think about signs.

1. Know the signs
2. Know when to look for the signs
3. Execute on the signs

Know the Signs
I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your signs. Coaches should review signs before every game. This will make the signs more memorable and your players accountable. Players-- ask about signs if you forget them.

Know when to look
Know the situation and be thinking about what signs might be given. Whether you are the hitter, a runner, or a basecoach, you should anticipate possible scenarios and look carefully for the signs. If there are runners on 1st and 2nd base with no outs in a close game, you best be looking for some signs!

It goes without saying that we want to execute on a sign whether it be getting a bunt down or stealing a base safely. It is equally as important for the other players to do their job. This could mean swinging over a strike when your teammate is stealing a base. Knowing what your teammates are trying to do will enable you to make the best decisions on the diamond.

How do you think about signs?

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