Stealing 3rd, Part 3

We've discussed timing the pitcher and creating the gap. In our final installment on stealing 3rd, let's talk about the catcher.

The catcher
When you deem the timing is right to steal third base, look to the catcher before bolting. How strong is the catcher's arm? What pitch is the catcher likely to call (easier to steal on an offspeed pitch)? And....where is the catcher setting up? If the catcher is setting up inside on a righthanded hitter, it could be more difficult for him to get a throw off as the batter will obstruct the throwing lane to 3rd. If there is a lefthanded batter at the plate, it really opens up the throwing lane for the catcher.

Lots to think about. As you play more, you will be able to collect all this information in your head in a matter of seconds and make a good decision.

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